Datafort - Charged fortune for computer backups more than quoted on site


Datafort Ltd

we were recommended Datafort as an offsite backup provider. with a free period to start with. During the free period we queried the amount that was being backed up as it seemed excessive. This was all done over the phone with their help desk.

We were pressurised into signing a contract as the free period was about to finish and we would have no backup facility. Once the contract was signed the free period was no longer free but chargeable check the very small print. The invoices bore no relation to the prices quoted on their website. We were charged approx £550 for a couple of months so we cancelled and are now paying £6.99 per month for exactly the same service.

They have since taken us to court and have won because of their contract terms and conditions. It appears that it doesn't matter whether the service of a company is correct only if they have their terms and conditions written correctly. Not very nice people, very smug as when we met them they said they always win. I wonder how many others this has happened to?

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